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Trimming is a service offered by barber shops to keep hair fit and tidy between haircuts. It involves shaving or trimming the outer lengths of hair to maintain a precise shape and neat look.

This trimming service is especially useful for clients who want to maintain a precise and neat look without having to perform a full cut each time.

The trimming service is performed by a professional barber, who uses precise shaving or cutting techniques to maintain the desired shape. The duration of the service varies according to the client’s needs, but usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.

  • Appearance enhancement: Trimming allows hair that has grown beyond the desired length to be removed, giving hair a neat and tidy appearance.
  • Hair protection: Trimming prevents split ends and helps keep hair healthy, protecting it from damage caused by combs and brushes.

Customization: Trimming can be customized to suit the client’s needs, to fit their style and face shape.

Comfort: Trimming helps maintain a neat and tidy appearance, avoiding the feeling of overgrown hair that is annoying.


This service is usually performed after a full haircut to maintain the desired shape and style. Trimming is an essential service to keep hair looking neat and helps extend the life of the haircut.

In a barber shop, trimming is one of the most requested services, especially for clients who wish to maintain a neat and tidy look. The barber will use scissors, combs, and razors to trim the hair, giving it a neat and tidy look.

The trimming service can be tailored to the client’s needs, for example, for short hair you can opt for more frequent trimming than for long hair.